Core Modules :

Business Studies Pathway:

1. Introduction to Business Management (15 credits)

2. Principles of Marketing (15 credits)

3. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (15 credits)

4. Business Communication (15credits)

5. Introduction to Business Computing (10 credits)

6. Personal and Professional Development (10 credits)

Assessment and Grading:

The assessment and grading for the Foundation Year program could follow an A-level equivalent system, considering both coursework and final exams. Here’s a hypothetical grading scale:

Engineering and Computing pathways:

Mathematics for Enginnering

1. Introduction to Computing Concepts (20 credits)

Introduction to Engineering Science

Assessment and Grading:

Remember that actual course content, credit distribution, and assessment methods can vary depending on the university offering the Foundation Year program. It’s essential to review the specific course descriptions, assessment criteria, and grading scales provided by the university to ensure accurate understanding and alignment with A-level equivalent standards.

Architecture Pathways

Study the following modules: